About Us

I created this website because I want to spread happiness and connect people, especially when we are far away from our loved ones we connect and make your day special
DIY loves to create something new as a homemaker and mommy of three ❤️
We started our page 4years ago with just a thought of doing something different luckily started getting orders from one to another we worked for different cooperation also like Nadia training center and different groups on Facebook,
From birthday goodie bags to nikkah bids anniversary surprise or birthday gift or any occasion we have everything when a person is looking for gifts whether its cakes or flowers or surprise box
Valentines or mother’s day EID or Ramadan, we always bring something special for our customers
Our goal is to facilitate them in a budget with high-quality items
I do not compromise quality while spreading happiness.
We have over 2000 satisfied customers and positive reviews on our Facebook page we just don’t deliver gifts we deliver your love feeling and emotions so always keep in mind the privacy of every customer customization and preferences they want ......... that makes us different from others
We believe once a customer always a customer ????